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The Crazy Simple Lifes Abundance Business

The Simplicity of the Lifes Abundance Business Opportunity

Our team has a developed a foolproof approach to the Lifes Abundance business opportunity. It is simple, fun to do, costs almost nothing, and works nearly every time it is used.

We call it the “Healthy Pet Challenge” and it is responsible for making our team the largest and fastest growing team in the Lifes Abundance company. 

It’s really very simple, we ask people what they’re feeding their pets and offer them a chance to try a better alternative. If they say yes (and most do), we give them a free sample and begin the Challenge.

Take a minute to watch this video of how I aquired a new customer, even when I failed to follow up!

Check out this blog post of John Albrecht sharing why he joined Life’s Abundance.

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John Albrecht

I've been a Lifes Abundance Field Representative since 2003. If you'd like to learn more about earning from home with the Lifes Abundance business, feel free to contact me.